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Amy (Say what?)Amy and Duncan (looking good together)Removing My First Grey HairPlanning Dinner Chores--and a Concerned EileenJulieAnne (no hand talking)Vinnie, Amy and Angela--(Vinnie: "What am I doing here?")Suzanne and Chris (who has just swallowed the canary or was it the turkey skin)All the Women in the Kitchen (where they belong)Theresa (looking like a happy mother to be)Ivor and JulieAnne (happy couple)Toni (hmmm, look at those teeth and gums)Duncan (beer, no thanks, give me the hard stuff)Bridgette (hmmm, where's my boyfriend and what's he doing)Theresa (say what?)Anne (just look at that mess they are making)Tira and Samantha (Tira, you are not listening)Tira and Samantha (see, told you it was funny)Ivor and Dot (you are in big trouble young man)Joe and Laura (relieved reunion planners)What's with all the yellow T-shirts?